Caroline Wagner (PhD student): Postdoctorate at Princeton in Bryan Grenfell’s lab
Thesis: “An experimental and theoretical investigation of the rheological properties and degradation of mucin solutions (or why saliva becomes watery when removed from your mouth)” (Mechanical engineering graduate program)

Wes Chen (PhD student): Manager of External Innovation at Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center
Thesis: “Dissecting Design Parameters of Biological Hydrogel Mimetics Using Simple Repeat-based Proteins” (Bioengineering graduate program)

Julia Co (PhD student): Postdoctorate at Stanford in Manuel Amieva’s lab
Thesis: “The Influence of Mucins on Bacterial Communities” (Microbiology graduate program)

Nicole Kavanaugh (PhD student): Scientist at Aldevron
Thesis: “Impacts of Mucins on Microbial Physiology and Interactions” (Microbiology graduate program)

Erica Shapiro (PhD-DMD student): Dental Student at Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Thesis: “Influence of salivary mucins on the physiology of oral bacteria and their community structure” (Harvard School of Dental Medicine)

Alona Birjiniuk (MD-PhD student): Medical Student at Harvard Medical School
Thesis: “Particle Tracking for Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms” (ChemE, co-supervised with Pat Doyle)

Leon Li (Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology): Engineer at Northrop Grumman
Thesis: “Microfluidic Enabling Technologies to Measure the Selective Permeability of the Mucus Barrier” (Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

Grace Yao (Master’s student)
Thesis: “Cervical Mucus Properties Stratify Risk for Preterm Birth” (Biomedical Engineering)

Kelley Konroy (Master’s student)
Thesis: “Altered barrier properties of cervical mucus in women at risk for preterm birth” (Fellowship MD thesis, Tufts Medical Center, in collaboration with Dr. Michael House)

Regina Baumgaertel (Master’s student)
Thesis: “Microscopic transport and macroscopic mechanics of biological hydrogel filters” (Diploma thesis, Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Victoria Snegovskikh (Master’s Student)
Thesis: “The effects of clomiphene citrate (cc) administration on cervical mucus permeability in patients undergoing fertility treatments” (Fellowship MD thesis, in collaboration with Tufts Medical Center, Dr. Michael House)

Troels Bo Thomsen (Visiting PhD student)

Postdoctoral Researchers

Katherine DuPont: Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Nicole Billing:  Principal Investigator at Draper Laboratory

Thomas Crouzier: Assistant Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Oliver Lieleg: Professor at Technical University of Munich, Germany

Marina Caldara: Postdoctorate at University of Parma, Italy

Ioana Vladescu: Postdoctorate at University of Edinburgh, UK

Irena Jevtov: Research Scientist

Kowa Chen: Postdoctorate Researcher

Agatha Critchfield (MD Fellow in collaboration with Dr. Michael House): Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Kentucky


Undergraduate Students

Maria Ramirez Millan

Angela Zhang

Emily Bloch

Denise Neibloom